Showing at the Brooom room …

A few weeks ago we were walking through Redchurch Street on our way to a friends opening when a crazy guy jumped out in front of us, ‘look, look’ he said ‘the smallest gallery in the world’ … with feet intent on going in only one direction we dodged him with the promise of returning on our way back.  True to our word that’s exactly what we did and he was right it was small, a street-side exhibiting space, though I’m not sure if it actually is the smallest gallery in the world.  The crazy guy who we learnt was  Magid wasn’t so crazy after all,  just very excited and rightly so about the launch of Brooom.  He explained to us that ten videos ran on a loop for ten minutes, allotting a minute each per artist, showing 24/7 … wow … how cool is that! … yep it’s art-vertising at its finest … and how could we not want to show there  … On the way back to my place for peppermint tea Pel and I got talking about a collaboration, this would be perfect, we’ve already been working on one … well his part is finished but the animation is taking me longer than anticipated.  But a minute long promo ‘yes’ we could both work with that.  This is probably a good place to mention that Purepel – Perrie, is my son, so it’s doubly cool that I’m working with him, a little trying at times as we’re both perfectionists but fun all the same.  So look out for week 23 and if you’re passing by 81A Redchurch Street, stop, listen and watch …. here’s a still from the vid …

worpress promo


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