The Lab Film Festival

Something exciting is happening in Tower Hamlets … The Lab Film Festival has kicked off … screenings for the submissions showreel is well under way … here’s a list of the film-makers, categories and title of work … I submitted a documentary titled “documenting the re-staging of The Tailor & Ansty” … a collaborative piece made with The New Theater … If you happen to be in or around Hackney Wick over the next couple of days stop by and cast a vote for your favourite film … enjoy …

The Lab Film Festival 2013

Dan Moss Zero 00:03:16
Dan Moss Mekanisher 00:03:34
Lucy Watkins Lungs-Loner 00:03:52
Kate Kotcheff Hour Glass Machine 00:04:20
Ed Neale-Scullion The Music of Erich Zahn 00:05:10
Artists’ Narrative
Karin Gunnarsson Plato’s Plates 00:09:40
Pablo Mollenhauer Fragments of Home 00:20:23
Helena Kazan Masking Tape
Rebecca Locke Lugares Que Fui 00:06:01
Arnaud Mansat Henri: Magic of Real 00:13:31
Suzie Zab Borderlands 00:03:13
Bill Aitchison Proletarian Dance 00:04:58
Naomi Green Regiment 00:05:49
Pablo Mollenhauer Fragments of Home 00:20:23
Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad and Pratik Sagar Heartland 00:09:18
re-staging The Tailor & Ansty Victoria Coster
Paul Drury Le Tour De Tan 00:05:31
Sasha Andrews Touching Objects 00:05:45
Melissa Fielding & Florence Creffield The Falls 00:06:53
Felipe Palma Irarrazaval Ayquina 00:45:39
Anton Katz Radio Dello 00:12:52
Ian Nesbitt Don 00:06:51
Victoria Coster Documenting the Re-Staging of The Tailor & Ansty 00:34:44
Rob Munday John Cage’s Musicircus 00:06:49
OpenVisor Paris 19 Distance 00:13:11
OpenVisor Paris 19 Survival 00:11:12
Fiona Whitty Vincent 00:05:11
Flaminia Graziadei Inside Out 00:10:00
Adam Ethan Crow Comedian 00:02:20
Alex Browning The Sunset Sleeps 00:04:50
Ivana Bobic In The Night 00:12:46
Cyrus Trafford In Christian Okili 00:06:00
Paul Nash Double Top 00:15:00
Arnaud Khayadianian Les Horizons Perdus 00:14:35
Nina Kastner and Jamie Sims Howl 00:19:00
Christopher Brown Beat Heart 00:18:13
Tim Porter Joshua 00:15:10
John McGimpsey From Little Acorns 00:13:00
Hannah Goodwin-Haywood Elegy 00:15:00
Pascal Ancel Bartholdi Eschatocene, First Scene of the Last Act 00:11:50
Sara Pantoli Grey Tea 00:08:15
Tessa Garland Karrajong Heights 00:05:43
Tessa Garland Above The Skyline 00:05:50
Tessa Garland Not Far From Here 00:05:00
Seeta Patel The Art of Defining Me 00:15:00
Mark Braniff The Divers 00:06:00
Mei Homma I Know We Are In The Same Space 00:01:49
Gabriella Beckhurst All The Empty Rooms 00:03:02
Veronique Chance Orbital Run (fast) 00:03:26
Imogen Pring Kaleidoscope 00:02:28
Imogen Pring Ferrofluid 00:02:31
Imogen Pring Blob 00:01:33
Dave Farnham Still Life with Fruit Book Basket Blue Bottle and Candle 00:01:32
Andrew Locke Synchettes 00:10:19
Liz Helman Cauchemar 00:04:16
Liz Helman Seen And Not Seen 00:01:15
Rachel Sarah Jones Panoramas of Time 00:05:24
Lu Lyndon Luminaries 00:03:37
Anne Guest I Am Not Myself 00:06:50
Mute Let Them Eat Cake 00:03:27
Rebecca Locke Gold Junk 00:04:58
Olivia McGilchrist Lovers’ Leap 00:03:01
Olivia McGilchrist Slow Dance 00:01:36
Olivia McGilchrist The Menory Jacket 00:00:55
PopUpFestival Fusion Project Dheeg Dheer 00:03:05
PopUpFestival Fusion Project
El Somberon 00:02:38
PopUpFestival Fusion Project
Granny’s Monster Machines 00:04:30
PopUpFestival Fusion Project
Sahmaran 00:02:57
Olabisi Williams, Gascoyne Film Club Fright 00:00:53
Dale Johnson, Gascoyne Film Club My Tree 00:01:54
Emmie Brock and Ellie Blount, Gascoyne Film Club Our Special Place 00:00:49
Jemima Williams, Gascoyne Film Club Local Park 00:00:56
John Williams, Gascoyne Film Club Life Bus Stop 00:01:39


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